Schubert and Schumann | Romantic Classical Music

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Schubert & Schumann
Romantic Classical Music

0:00:00 Schubert – Schwanengesang: Ständchen (Serenade)
0:04:09 Schubert – Ave Maria *
0:09:09 Schumann – Album für die Jugend: Nordisches Lied. Gruß an G
0:11:12 Schumann (arr. Hermann) – Bilder aus Osten: IV. Nicht schnell, “Chanson Orientale”
0:13:53 Schumann (arr. Hermann) – Bilder aus Osten: VI. Reuig andächtig
Metamorphose String Orchestra, Pavel Lyubomudrov
* Violin: Yulia Stefanovich

0:19:36 Schubert (arr. Liszt) – Schwanengesang: Ständchen (Serenade)
0:25:24 Schubert – Four Impromptus, Op. 90: No. 3 in G-Flat Major, Andante
Vadim Chaimovich

0:32:24 Schumann – Kinderszenen: Träumerei
Luke Faulkner

0:34:44 Schubert – Piano Sonata No. 13: I. Allegro moderato
0:41:36 Schubert – Piano Sonata No. 13: III. Allegro
0:47:27 Schubert – 6 Moments Musicaux, Op. 94: No. 3 in F Minor, Allegro moderato
Vadim Chaimovich

0:49:33 Schumann – 3 Romances, Op. 28: No. 2 in F-Sharp Major, Einfach
Luke Faulkner

0:53:59 Schumann – 5 Pieces in Folk Style: No. 2, Langsam
0:58:29 Schubert – Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano: I. Allegro moderato
1:10:19 Schubert – Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano: II. Adagio
Ignacy Gaydamovich, Janusz Grzelązka

1:16:18 Schumann – Piano Trio No. 3, Op. 110: II. Ziemlich langsam – Etwas bewegter – Tempo I
Anna Ouspenskaya, FamTrio

1:21:45 Schumann – Fantasiestücke for Cello and Piano, Op. 73: I. Zart und mit Ausdruck
1:24:48 Schumann – Fantasiestücke for Cello and Piano, Op. 73: II. Lebhaft, licht
1:28:07 Schumann – Fantasiestücke for Cello and Piano, Op. 73: III. Rasch und mit Feuer
Ignacy Gaydamovich, Janusz Grzelązka

1:32:29 Schumann (arr. Hermann) – Bilder aus Osten: I. Lebhaft
1:36:30 Schubert – Erlkönig (The Elf King), D. 328
1:40:08 Schubert (arr. Mahler) – String Quartet No. 14 “Death and the Maiden”: I. Allegro (Live)
1:51:40 Schubert (arr. Mahler) – String Quartet No. 14 “Death and the Maiden”: II. Andante con moto (Live)
Metamorphose String Orchestra, Pavel Lyubomudrov

2:05:37 Schubert – Symphony No. 8 “Unfinished”: I. Allegro moderato
2:16:34 Schubert – Symphony No. 8 “Unfinished”: II. Andante con moto
Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, Guseppe Lanzetta

2:26:15 Schumann – Symphony No. 1 “Spring”: II. Larghetto
2:33:37 Schumann – Symphony No. 3: III. Nicht schnell
Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Peter Illenyi

Franz Peter Schubert (31 January 1797 – 19 November 1828) was an Austrian composer of the late Classical and early Romantic eras. Despite his short life, Schubert left behind a vast oeuvre, including more than 600 secular vocal works (mainly lieder), seven complete symphonies, sacred music, operas, incidental music, and a large body of piano and chamber music. His major works include the art songs Erlkönig, Gretchen am Spinnrade, Ave Maria; the Trout Quintet, the unfinished Symphony No. 8 in B minor, the “Great” Symphony No. 9 in C major, the String Quartet No. 14 “Death and the Maiden”, a String Quintet, the two sets of Impromptus for solo piano, the three last piano sonatas, the Fantasia in F minor for piano four hands, the opera Fierrabras, the incidental music to the play Rosamunde, and the song cycles Die schöne Müllerin, Winterreise and Schwanengesang.

Robert Schumann (8 June 1810 – 29 July 1856) was a German composer, pianist, and influential music critic. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. Schumann left the study of law, intending to pursue a career as a virtuoso pianist. His teacher, Friedrich Wieck, a German pianist, had assured him that he could become the finest pianist in Europe, but a hand injury ended this dream. Schumann then focused his musical energies on composing. Until 1840, Schumann wrote exclusively for the piano. Later, he composed piano and orchestral works, and many Lieder (songs for voice and piano). He composed four symphonies, one opera, and other orchestral, choral, and chamber works. His best-known works include Carnaval, Symphonic Studies, Kinderszenen, Kreisleriana, and the Fantasie in C.

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