Pumpkin Movie

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In this hybrid-documentary, two long-time friends call each other over Skype to continue their annual Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins together, they swap stories of negative encounters with men.

True/False Film Festival, Missouri, USA, World Premiere
Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, England, UK
Hot Docs Canadian Int Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, USA
Olympia Film Society, Washington, USA
Side Walk Film Festival, Alabama, USA
Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
First Look Film Festival, Museum of Moving Images, New York, USA

Directed By: Sophy Romvari
Starring: Leah Collins Lipsett + Sophy Romvari
Production + Colour: Devan Scott
Cinematography: Devan Scott + Paige Smith
Editing + Sound Design: Will Ross
Location Sound: James Penco
Onset Stills: Anna Citak

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