Classical Music for When You’re on a Deadline

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Classical Music for When You’re on a Deadline

You asked, we listened 😎 back to work after a break and having to deal with all those tasks that you put off and said you would take care of “after the weekend”? On a tight deadline for an important school, university or work project? This fast-paced, epic classical music playlist will boost your energy levels and keep you focused and motivated during a long study session, work shift, or even an all-nighter. Bye procrastination, hello motivation 🔥 (warning: side effects might include dancing, dramatically playing air violin, aggressively conducting an invisible orchestra, and/or bursting into song.)

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0:00:00 Wagner – The Valkyrie, WWV 86b: Ride of the Valkyries
0:04:59 Offenbach – Orphée aux enfers: Galop Infernal (Can Can)
0:07:20 Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Op. 39 No. 1
0:13:43 Bizet – Carmen Suite No. 1, Overture: I. Prélude
0:15:59 Rossini – William Tell Overture
0:19:33 Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro, K. 492: Overture
0:24:18 Rossini – Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Overture
0:32:09 Grieg – Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46: In the Hall of the Mountain King
0:34:35 Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor
0:37:08 Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 1 in G minor. Allegro molto
0:40:39 Ravel – Boléro
0:56:00 Rossini – La Gazza Ladra: Overture
1:05:38 Tchaikovsky – Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Minor, Op. 23: I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso
1:10:07 Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto, Op. 35: III. Finale – Allegro vivacissimo
1:20:49 Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 1 in C minor, op. 11: I. Allegro con fuoco
1:28:52 Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 3 in A minor, “Scottish”: IV. Allegro vivacissimo – Allegro maestoso assai
1:38:32 Mozart – Don Giovanni, Act I: Overture
1:45:20 Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550: I. Molto Allegro
1:51:39 Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio
1:58:48 Vivaldi – The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, RV 315 “Summer”: III. Presto
2:01:39 Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 4 in A Major, “Italian”: IV. Saltarello

All tracks performed by Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra
Conductors: Peter Pejtsik & Peter Illenyi

Painting: “Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825), Madame François Buron, 1769” by Tulip Hysteria / Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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