Classical Music for a Ball

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Classical Music for a Ball
You are cordially invited to court for a royal wedding 👑 Will you join us for a day of feasting and a night of dancing? Feel like the main character in your favourite period dramas and get your dancing shoes on – we’re waltzing all night!


Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a: VIII. Waltz of the Flowers
Strauss – On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314
Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Peter Pejtsik

Strauss II – Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), Op. 410
Vilnius Orchestra, Silvano Frontalini

Strauss II – Schatz Walzer (Treasure Waltz), Op. 418
Strauss II – Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Women and Song), Op. 333
Stettino Philharmonic Orchestra, Stefan Marzcik

Strauss II – Wo die Citronen Blüh’n! (Where the Lemon Trees Bloom), Op. 364
Stettino Philharmonic Orchestra, Stefan Marzcik

Strauss II – Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, Op. 214
Strauss – Radetzky March, Op. 228
Elgar – Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Op. 39 No. 1
Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op. 61: Wedding March
Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Peter Pejtsik

Handel – Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351:
I. Overture
II. Bourrée
III. La Paix (Largo alla Siciliana)
IV. La Rejouissance (Allegro)
V. Minuetto I
VI. Minuetto II
Bach – Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068:
I. Ouverture
II. Air on the G String
III. Gavotte I, II
IV. Bourrée
V. Gigue
Bach – Orchestral Suite No. 4 in D major, BWV 1069:
I. Ouverture
II. Bourrée I, II
III. Gavotte
IV. Menuett I, II
V. Réjouissance
Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Peter Illenyi

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