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With global tourism on the rise, the short film “CITIZEN TOURIST” tries to look at the tourist as a species with exotic and particular quirks, inviting us to look at ourselves and our group behaviours when we fill that role.
The theme is explored in a whimsical fashion, turning the spotlight on an industry that is shaping entire cities and cultures in profound ways.
Additionally, we try to encourage people to be able to find the joy of adventure right at their doorstep, especially in the embrace of nature, and to cultivate a curiosity that can transform the mundane into extraordinary moments that we’re often told to seek exclusively abroad, in distant cultures and lavish experiences.
All in all, we try to remain true to the famous quote by Proust that says “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Concept and Script:
Gustavo Carreiro & Hugo Raposo

Gustavo Carreiro

Hugo Raposo

Élio Mateus
Maria Pasqualino
Gustavo Carreiro

Maria Pasqualino
Gustavo Carreiro
Pedro Oliveira

Music & Sound Design:
Carlos Geraldes

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Keyword: animation

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