Don’t Die On Me | An animation short about Asthma, awkwardness and death

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Asthmatic Matty is coughing again, and again he hears the irritating sentence “Don’t die on me”. Only this time, he’s going to. A revolting portrayal of the noisy life inside a malfunctioning body, and the sweet, deadly silence that stops it.

Written, Directed and animated by Ori Goldberg
Dubbing: Itamar Shlomo Cohen & Ori Goldbeg
Sound, Music & Mix: Ori Kadishay
Additional animation: Tali Genshaft
Singing: An excerpt of “NEN” by the Medusa vocal group- Bar Eran, Aya Gabriel, Noam Ahdut & Ellie Orian

Funded by the Gesher multicultural film fund.


Winner of the Alves-Costa award for shorts up to 8 minutes, Cinanima Festival (Portugal)
Honorable Mention, Vision Feast (New Zealand)


Annecy WTF (France)
Slamdance (USA)
Florida film fest (USA)
Anibar (Kosovo)
Max3Min (Italy)
short and to the POINT (Bucharest)
FAB Festival Animation Berlin (Germany)
Volda (Norway)
BitBang (Argentina)
London International animation festival (UK)
Shit In The Dirt (USA)
Animator (poland)
FFAS (switzerland)
Kaboom (Netherlands)
Animac (Spain)
Anifilm (Czech Republic)
ReAnimania (Yerevan)
Fest anca (Slovenia)
Animix (Israel)
Anination (Israel)
Snail Camp @ InDnegev (Israel)
Animattikon (Cyprus)
TAIS (Toronto)
Primanima (Hungary)
Manchester Animation festival (UK)
Animatou Geneve (Switzerland)
Poff (Estonia)
Gdansk (poland)
Black Movie Film Festival (Switzerland)
PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film
Cardiff animation nights (Wales)
TIAF (Uzbekistan)

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